Corporate Profile

WPW Inc. is a rapidly growing company located in Leslieville, Alberta, consisting of 250-350 employees. We specialize in oil & gas facility construction and small to medium diameter flow lines and gathering systems.

WPW Inc. has been in business for over 30 years, covering projects throughout the province of Alberta and into British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We have gained a reputation for quality workmanship, a commitment to safety and completion of projects both on time and under budget.

WPW Inc. is fully aware of the importance of safety on our job sites. Hazard Assessment / Tailgate meetings are held on a daily basis on-site, as well as organized monthly safety meetings for all employees. It is our intent that each employee is fully trained, knowledgeable, and capable of the tasks which he or she is required to perform. Our personnel are fully trained in required safety courses.

We are equipped with a reliable line of equipment ranging from trackhoes, dozers, and sidebooms, to graders, ditchers, and rough terrain cranes. We also have many portable welding and maintenance units.

Currently we are operating a fleet of approximately 80 trucks ranging in size from 3/4 ton service trucks to tri-axle tractors. All of our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices.

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