Oilfield Facility Construction

WPW Inc. has been constructing Oil Field facility projects for numerous clients since 1983. We are equipped and experienced in the areas of Sweet Gas, Sour Gas, Oil, and Condensate. Our team of expert Fabrication Welders and Pipefitters combined with our excellent in-house fabrication facilities and equipment, allows us to be very cost effective while providing the utmost in quality control.

Listed below are some of the areas we specialize in:

  • Oil Field Facility Construction and Module Fabrication
  • Compressor station (site preparation, foundations, equipment setting through commissioning and start up).
  • Flare systems (preparation, set-up, and commissioning).
  • Refrigeration Plants.
  • Pipe racks (fabrication and installation).
  • Compressor setup.
  • Separator skid fabrication.
  • Custom skid fabrication for any application.
  • Pigging skids and barrels.
  • Satellite site preparation and full construction.
  • Tank farms (full setup and completion).
  • LPG bullets.
  • Separator knock out tanks (full fabrication and installation).
  • Flow line header systems (fabrication and installation).
  • Fabrication and installation of modular systems
  • General well site installations.
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